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Top 10 Ways to Have Fun in the Snow In Uhhhh…April

Are you cold? Are you also already bored by the thought of going to class? Good, so are we. That’s why we wrote a list of 10 dumb things you can do while it’s chilly that are a lot more fun than pretending you’re going to go to class today.

10.) Mass Snowball Fight:
This isn’t only fun, but also a good way to bond with your fellow classmates. Imagine how excited your peers will be dodging frozen balls of fun while trekking to their 8 a.m. at Schroeder.

 9.) Icicle Shank:
Because what’s better than a good old-fashioned stabbing? Think about it—someone’s walking in front of you at negative two miles per hour and you’re late for class. Nature’s got your back! The best part? The evidence melts away. No felonies today!

 8.) Igloo Fortress:
Hide from your responsibilities in the comfort of your very own igloo! It’s surprisingly warm, yet makes for a great beer cooler. It also gives you plenty of privacy. You’ll be the only one of your friends who can say that they’ve masturbated in an igloo, and we think that’s just rad. The best part? It’s rent-free!

 7.) Impromptu Skating Rink:
When it gets cold enough all you need to do to have fun is pour massive amounts of water out in front of Watterson and wait for it to freeze. Voila! ISU’s very own ice skating rink! With all the people walking in and out of Watty we can’t see any injuries or anything bad happening at this rink of death—err, fun.

 6.) Streaking:
Streaking is fun in any temperature, but you know what would be even more impressive? Running across the field at Hancock Stadium surrounded by nothing but a blanket of snow. Imagine your bare, bouncing genitalia and your friends at the ready to put your dumb ass all over social media. Don’t forget to thank us when you go viral.

 5.) Drunk Snow Angels:
Nothing is too cold when you have a liquor blanket. Just don’t fall asleep because you will die. We guarantee it.

 4.) Handing Out Yellow Snow Cones:
This one seems a bit childish, but what the hell. Unsuspecting freshmen will think Illinois State is just a wonderful place where nice strangers hand out delicious snow cones. Crush their dreams early. This is the real world and we hate delicious snow cones.

3.) Snow Dicks:
Everyone knows that penises are the most fun snow sculptures to make. One is funny, but imagine how hilarious it would be to see giant dicks made of snow popping up in front of every hall, all across the Quad, and lining the sidewalks in Uptown. It would leave a lasting impression to potential ISU students touring campus in February.

2.) Hide and Seek:
This is the perfect game to play around campus with a group of friends, especially when snowfall is at its highest. Just bury yourself under a blanket of snow. Your friends will never be able to find you and you’ll get to enjoy sweet, sweet victory. And possibly frost bite. Maybe death. But mostly victory. 

1.) Homemade Ice Cream:
Snow is nature’s way of telling you to eat some delicious frozen treats, we’re sure of it. Grab a bowl, go outside, and scoop it up. It’s cheaper than actually buying ice cream and you can mx in your own flavors like chocolate syrup, bits of cookies, or, if you’re really desperate, ramen flavoring. Don’t knock it till you try it—ice cream is still ice cream… even if it’s disgusting.

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