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7 Pranks to Play on Students Visiting ISU’s Open House

Open house is a great time to pull pranks on incoming freshmen, because the more you scare away the better. ISU is getting too crowded as it is, so why not help the university out by scaring away some freshmen?

7.) Tour Them Through a “Haunted Dorm Room”:
Pick a dorm to show the incoming students, and if the box-sized dorm doesn’t scare them away already, grab the scariest mask you can find. Have someone hide in the room with the mask on and pop out when least expected.

6.) Have Tour Guides Tell Them Schroeder is Pronounced “Shr-o-der”:
If you go to ISU, you know the name is not pronounced how it looks. Everyone had to be told this once, but it’s a rookie mistake to mispronounce Schroeder. Just tell them what they already believe is correct, and watch others laugh at them as they ask how to get to “shroder.”

5.) Talk about a Fake 100 Page Paper You Have to Write as You’re Walking Past Them:
No one pays more attention to their surroundings than incoming freshmen, who will stare at students attending ISU like some sort of art exhibit. Give them a good scare as they eavesdrop on your conversation. Nothing scares lazy prospective freshmen more than imagining the amount of work they might have to do.

4.) Tell That Random Guy in a Gorilla Suit to Chase Them Away:
If you have ever spotted that guy walking around campus in a gorilla suit, you know how creepy he is. If not, you could probably guess based on how weird this scenario sounds. The last thing incoming freshmen would expect is for their tour to be interrupted by an angry gorilla.

3.) Have Them Open Watterson’s Door While the Wind is Blowing:
This isn’t really a prank because we’ve all been there, but will still be funny watching them unknowingly pull at that stubborn Watterson door while breaking a sweat.

2.) Pull the Fire Alarm When They’re in the Top Lounge of Watterson:
Tour guides love showing off the view at the top of Watterson, and the incoming freshmen drool over it too. Pull the alarm and snatch them out of their fantasy by making them tread down 20+ flights of stairs.

1.) Tell Them 8 a.m. Classes are Mandatory to Their Schedule:
Freshmen often make the mistake of believing they can survive 8 a.m. classes unless warned otherwise. In the spirit of April Fools Day, make them believe they no longer have a choice, like in high school. Tell them starting in the fall every student has to have an 8 a.m. class to encourage work habits and stop them from being lazy drunks throughout college.

Have fun while doing service to ISU by scaring away some incoming students and clearing room in overpopulated dorm halls. 

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