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10 Dumb Things Your Friend Has Done at KAM’s Country Night

Hundreds of drunk college kids, glass cups, and a large mechanical bull; what could go wrong? Here are 10 dumb things your friend has done at KAM’s Country Night. 

10.) Throwing up on the mechanical bull:
After downing three Jager bombs, your confidence is through the roof, and you may think this is your time to shine. Unfortunately, one whip of the bull and it’s over, there’s no holding it in. The next thing you know, blue vomit is covering the horns and you’re booed off by the entire bar.

9.) Shattered the Country Night glass:
Think of how many drinks are dropped every night at KAM’S, no big deal right? Except when your drunk friend is attempting to hold four cups at once while your other friends are on the bull, and completely shatters every single one on the floor while continuing to slip and fall on the mess they made.

8.) Smoked a cig with townies in the beer garden:
It’s a fact that townies love Country Night. It’s also a fact that drunk college kids love nicotine. When you can’t find a JUUL, this is your only option. There’s nothing better than smoking a cig with your new best friends, admiring Alma on the wall, while your old friends are looking through the window wondering what the hell you’re doing.

7.) Danced solo on the stage for attention:
95% of drunk girls will attempt this on Country Night because they’re tired of everyone paying attention to the bull, and they want Jimmy from Kappa Theta to notice their cute dance moves. This is uncomfortable because, well, you’re trying too hard for a guy who thinks of you as a hook-up.

6.) Crashing an exchange happening in the basement:
No one at an exchange wants to see a random drunk kid stumbling around thinking that they can make friends and get drink deals. You may think these are your new friends, but if they aren’t as drunk as you are, they’re just annoyed and uncomfortable.

5.) Refusing to give up riding the bull:
After jumping on the inflatable floor trying to attempt the bull for the fifth time, you should just quit. you’re hammered, and there’s no way you could possibly succeed at this game unless you’re a Country Night regular, or have a passion for the rodeo. Save yourself the embarrassment and stay off the bull.

4.) Only ordering Blue Guys:

This is a dumb thing to do any night of the year. There are some nights where that’s all you want to drink, but as refreshing as Blue Guys are, there are major consequences after drinking more than 3 total. Your heart racing at 4 a.m., and oddly-colored DADS are not worth the blue-tongued Instagram picture.

3.) Forgetting to pre-game:
Drinks at KAMS are hella expensive. No one wants to spend $5 on a drink that is 2% alcohol. Also, when you’re sober and watching others ride the mechanical bull, it will make you rethink your decision to ever step foot into Country Night again.

2.) Fake a southern accent:
This joke has been done every single Country Night since the first. Your accent isn’t as good as you think it is, and just because you’re wearing a flannel in honor of the theme doesn’t make this acceptable.

1.) Wearing a cowboy hat:
We get it, you’re really into Country Night! But this is taking things too far. Stick to the exchange theme, or whatever slutty outfit you planned, because even though you may think you look cute and hilarious, it’s just uncomfortable.

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