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The 2017 UIUC Drunk Food Bracket Winner: Merry Ann’s


Merry Ann’s is on top in 2017. After three weeks of voting it has now become official, Merry Ann’s has become the top-house of drunk food in Chambana.


With UIUC being one of the top party schools in the country, Merry Ann’s had a bunch of stiff competition on its way to the peak of drunk food. In the first round we had a matchup between campus icon Merry Ann’s and the boujee Manolo’s. Merry Ann’s won its first-round match by the largest margin of any matchup in the bracket, proving the 24-hour diner absolutely owns the area by the Krannert Center.


After that Merry Ann’s and its three locations either on or around campus had to face the sweets shop known as Insomnia Cookies. The 4-seed Insomnia couldn’t hold up against the multitude of late-night drunk breakfast food and cookies that Merry Ann’s offers, allowing it to find a spot in the final round.


In the championship match, Merry Ann’s clobbered Papa D’s, who was the champion from the Green Street side of the bracket.


While Merry Ann’s had a tough path on its way to victory, it wasn’t anything compared to the fans that had to choose between drunk food and all of its unhealthy goodness on a weekly basis. MA – people should really call it that – would not be a champion today if not for you, Illini!


Along with the official title of “Best Drunk Food at UIUC,” Merry Ann’s will also receive an award from The Black Sheep and be featured in an upcoming video! 

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