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5th Year Senior Finds Calling as Ice Dancer After Taking KIN 104

Most of UIUC students know of KIN 104 as that blow-off ice skating class that seniors take to fill up their schedules. But to fifth-year senior Mack Murphy, it was so much more.

“I’ve spent four and a half years coasting through my studies,” said Murphy. “I’ve bounced between more majors than women, switching from engineering, to economics, back to engineering, to theater, to communication. I felt as if I had no purpose, and that I didn’t fit in anywhere. But everything changed my first of KIN 104.”

“I was reborn when I shuffled onto the ice for the first day of class. Nothing could have prepared me for such an experience. It was as if all my troubles melted away. My thousands of unread emails? The overdue homework that’s been piling up all semester? My severe alcoholism? It all simply vanished as I glided across the ice,” explained a wistful Murphy.

Murphy is taking this revelation seriously, and is working “like a man possessed” towards his new goal of becoming a professional ice dancer.

“I’m at the ice rink whenever I have downtime. I dropped all my other classes so I can focus full time on this dream of mine. I always knew it would feel good to figure myself out, but I never imagined it being this liberating. I know it’s probably too late to become an Olympian, but I would be cool with being an ice dancer for the Blackhawks or something. They hire dudes, right?”

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