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6 Questions We Have For The Freshman Girls Over-Decorating Their Dorms

Walking into a dorm room, some people just see it as it is: a dorm room. However, some special freshman see something so much more, and that is untapped potential. After a few hours in Target and a lot more time with sticky tack and tape, freshman girls turn their dull room into a wonderland. That’s a lot of effort, and we have a few questions about that:

6.) Are you an aspiring interior decorator?:
Every aspect of your room looks very intentional. You should consider changing your major and making this a full-time gig. The way that you coordinated the colors is just amazing. The carefully-selected printed pictures from your prom? Gorgeous. That funky lava lamp in the corner of your room? Becoming. And that fluffy rug? Dope as hell, and very original. If you put as much effort into your schoolwork as you did in this room, you’d make the dean’s list for sure.

5.) Is your room in Naperville like this too?:
Do you always put an exceeding amount of effort into the place that you live, or is it just like, new place new you? If you could give us estimate, what percent of the room are newly purchased décor, and what percent is from the room that you’ve lived in since you were 3? Perhaps it is the perfect blend of the two. If it is, hats off to you.

4.) Do those sparkly Christmas lights make you feel like it’s Christmas all the time?:
It seems that you are really getting into the holiday spirit prematurely. Does this mean you are a Christmas advocate or is this simply for the aesthetic? At what time of the day do you decide to turn these suckers on? When it is finally time to decorate for Christmas, are you going to get even more lights? Be careful, you don’t want to blind yourself with this dope aesthetic!

3.) Did you order that tapestry from Amazon?:
Where else do people even get tapestries? Either way, the one that you have with the extremely edited ocean waves on it really adds to the chill vibe of your room. You and your roommate must be chill girls.

2.) Does it bother you that your decor looks the same as everyone else’s?:
I swear to god I have seen this same room somewhere else. Hmmm. Oh yeah! In the room next to yours. You thought the thread from Reddit you decided to get inspiration from was so original. Unfortunately, so did the other 4,000 freshman girls admitted to University of Illinois. Darn! It may just have been more original to leave the walls the plain white that they were when you moved in.

1.) How often do you think you’re going to use that whiteboard above your desk?:
Now that you are an admitted student, you think that this white board is going to be a perfect device to really whip your organizational skills into shape. Just so you know, a notebook would work just as well. Deep down, you know you’re never going to write on that white board, and your markers will likely run of ink before you even attempt to use it.

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