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6 Things To Do With Those Flyers You Picked Up On Quad Day

With over 1,400 Registered Student Organizations on campus, there’s certainly no shortage of opportunities to get involved, no matter your interests. Sure, you might consider yourself an individual with diverse interests, but there’s no way you’re going to have the time to participate in all those RSOs you talked to on Quad Day. Now, unsubscribing from email lists is easy enough, but you’re probably thinking, “what can I do with all these flyers I picked up?” Here’s 6 of the best alternatives to just throwing them out.


6.) Making Fortune Tellers:


Remember these things that weird girl in your class would make from way back in the fifth grade? Want to revisit the times in your life when nothing mattered and no threat of being turned into nuclear toast, and the hardest classes you were taking were music and gym? Try making one, it’s a great way to occupy yourself during ECON 102 lecture.



5.) Writing Cute Notes To Yourself:

Everybody can use a pick-me-up from time to time. A few strategically-placed notes around your apartment/house or in your notebooks/folders can really make the difference between crying yourself to sleep every night this week at the UGL and crying silently to yourself to sleep just six nights this week at the UGL silent floor!


4.) Looking Busier Than You Actually Are:

Being in college means being busy; there’s no question about it. Whether it’s keeping up with your sorority’s hectic event schedule of insensitive exchange themes or working hard to maintain your subpar GPA, if you’re not constantly complaining about it to everyone you meet, you might as well be sitting at home all day doing nothing. Putting up a few flyers around your desk will ensure nobody questions how much you have going on all the time.


3.) Steadying Wobbly Furniture:

Let’s face it: you waited way too long last year to find an apartment and sign a lease and now you have a shitty apartment. You’d think being furnished is a plus too, that is until you move in and it seems like every piece of furniture in the whole apartment was built on the San Andreas fault line. Slipping some flyers under an unsteady table leg makes for a great quick-fix!


2.) Defending Against Other People Handing Out Flyers:


There are few situations more awkward than walking to class by yourself and being approached by an overly-eager evangelical or a recruiter for some obscure organization with a stack full of papers looking to prey on unsuspecting students. Keep a couple of these in your back pocket for the next time Brother Jed is in town!


1.) Toilet Paper:


On one hand, you might be thinking only the most desperate of individuals far-receded into the clutches of depravity would be willing to stoop this low. On the other, there are few things worse than the toilet paper at FAR/PAR.


Hopefully this gives you some ideas for what to do with those flyers. If you’ve already gotten rid of them in less creative ways, you might be feeling a bit guilty, but don’t fret! You can actually apply these techniques to any useless flyers you collect throughout the year!


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