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The 7 Most Romantic Illini Freshman Dates


You’re only a freshman at the University of Illinois once, so make sure you’re always making the most of your time going on incredibly awkward dates that end with a sad hook-up with a person you’ll never talk to again. But on your next Tinder date night, spice up the evening and try out one of these hot freshmen date locations with the bae you’re with.


7.) The Ike:

The Ike is not only a wonderful place to eat by yourself, but also a prime destination to take your hot date on Saturday night. Swipe her into the dining hall with your Café Credits and show her how exotic you can be by trying some fried chicken and mac n’ cheese. Finish the night off by sharing a milkshake like they do in the movies like Grease.


6.) Grainger Bob:

It may not seem like a lit place to go on a date, but it’s a great spot for a freshman date. Bob will keep you two wild kids in line by chaperoning your date and making sure you don’t make any moves before you’re Netflix and Chilling later that night in your XL twin-sized bed.


5.) Chipotle:

The Chipotle on Green St. is a great place to take your honey on a date since the line is basically a date in itself. You can listen into the other conversations people are having or you can argue about how upset you get at people that order tacos at Chipotle. The conversations build themselves and then you get to celebrate the fact that you’re with a girl by eating E. coli.


4.) Eternal Flame:

The Eternal Flame isn’t only a great place to hit the dab, but also a great place to tie the knot. But, kissing under the Eternal Flame is basically a death sentence that will haunt you the rest of your life because hello teen pregnancy! Still, it’s very romantic.


3.) Outside a Bar:

It’d probably be a lot more fun to go inside the bar and watch your hot date dance on the poles and stand around in the beer garden at Joe’s, but you’re both freshmen still, and in that case one of you isn’t 19 years old. Damn you, summer birthdays! So you can’t go inside the bar, but it’s always a fun time standing in the line acting like you’re going into the bar! It’s basically Chipotle without burritos and diarrhea.


2.) HERE:

Freshmen dates are supposed to be awkward, so saying that your date will be will make your date incredibly uncomfortable. You’ll be texting each other all day asking where is our date and you’ll say “HERE” and she’ll just be upset that you texted her in all caps and she’ll think you’re angry and it won’t go well. Sounds like the average freshman date.


1.) Memorial Stadium:

Probably the best date location on campus, because no matter how bad your makeout sesh is inside the stadium, it won’t be the most disappointing thing that happens in there all year. We know Lovie is in the air now.


Try out these date locations the next time you and your freshman lover want to go out and be adventurous. If you’re lucky, there won’t be date number 2.


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