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7 Substances You’re Allowed To Turn Up On In Snyder Hall

Snyder Hall is known for being the substance-free dorm on campus, pretty much only referring to booze and bud. This can give this OG Six Pack dorm a bad rep, but just because you can’t bring your Burnett’s and low-grade weed into your dorm doesn’t mean you can’t still get lit. 


7.) NyQuil Lean:

Grab a Sprite from 57 and crack open some NyQuil for some low-quality lean. You can’t bring Natty Light into Snyder without getting in hella trouble with the university, but there’s nothing against bringing in a little cough syrup. Make Lil’ Wayne proud by pouring up your prison lean and getting lit.



6.) Mouthwash Shots:

Mouthwash has a low-key alcohol percentage, so if you slam enough shots of it, you should get buzzed. You can bring mouthwash through the front door displaying it proudly and nobody will take a second glance. Refresh your mouth and pregame your 10 a.m. lecture.


5.) JFK a Monster Energy Drink:

If you don’t know what a JFK is, it’s a simple tequila shot… that you snort via nasal passage. Instead of tequila that’s not allowed into your substance-free home, bring a Monster energy drink and snort that shit. The rush will ensure a good time off permitted substances.


4.) Shotgun a LaCroix:

You can get LaCroix almost anywhere on campus, including Walgreens and literally any store in Urbana. Grab a 6-pack of these bad boys, stick your Snyder dorm key in the side and chug that ish. There’s no alcohol in them, which makes them allowed, but we swear you can get a quick elevated feeling after chugging enough.


3.) Jimmy John’s Italian Vinaigrette:

Order a sandwich from one of the seventeen Jimmy John’s in the Chambana area and ask for extra sides of their vinaigrette. Of course you’re allowed to bring food into your dorm, and vinaigrette is kinda like wine, right? A few of these should have you feelin’ loosey goosey in no time.


2.) Old Antonio’s Menu Joint:

Out of respect for our beloved pizza place that passed away not too long ago, take the menu off your fridge and roll it into a beezy. Since it’s just the menu you pass the substance test, and you actually might get a little high. Who would say no to a J that pays a tribute to the mac n cheese pizza gods?


1.) Ike Syrup Injection:

Fill up a cup of syrup from the Ike. Steal an empty needle from McKinley. Go to your room in Snyder and get high, baby. Injecting the sugary syrup directly into your bloodstream is the perfect way to get yours when you can’t have Tito’s in your room. This will get you nice and goofed up before you head out to the bars tonight.


If you wanna be as cool as the rest of the Six Pack without paying the punishment Snyder gives you for having substances in your dorm, follow these steps to be #TeamLitty without taking the risk. Don’t let living in the substance-free dorm discourage you from having as fun as the rest of campus.



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