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7 Types of Reading Day Emotions As Told By GIFs of Steve Harvey’s Reactions

A UIUC staple, Reading Day is supposed to be a day off of class where students study for their upcoming finals. Reading Day, however, is instead filled with anxiety, regret, and panic as Illini prep themselves for all of the F’s they’re about to get. With so many feels about to appear on Reading Day, The Black Sheep found the seven emotions UIUC students will feel on the dreaded Thursday… with the help of Family Feud‘s host Steve Harvey’s reactions.


7.) Going Through Your Notes Realizing You Didn’t Learn Anything This Semester:




Everyone always wakes up on Reading Day from a restful night of celebration and feel confident that this Reading Day – yes, finally this one – will be the one spent productively preparing for final exams. Instead, most students will open up their GEOG 101 notes and realize that maybe they should have gotten out of ISR and headed over to Noyes for a few lectures this semester.


6.) Taking a Study Break to Check For Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease:



Once the “studying” gets going, every UIUC student is going to need some well-timed breaks so it doesn’t seem like they’re a nerd. Instead of hitting the ARC, going for a walk in the snow or doing anything to better their health or well-being, students always go through the motion of checking for diseases. If this were 2015, it’d obviously be the mumps, but the new study habit this year is checking for hand, foot, and mouth – or is it Heads, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes?


5.) Going Through Quizlet Flashcards:




After doing a thorough check of one’s mouth for the illness, it’s time to refocus the Reading Day efforts on studying. There’s no better way to study than to head on over to and see if some student in GEOG 101 back in 2011 made a set of note cards for the final exam. Upon mooching off of that student’s blood, sweat and tears by studying the set, every UIUC student knows the feeling of having no idea what is going on with just about every note card.


4.) Feeling Guilty About the Money You’re Wasting by Failing:


The panic attack commences after using Quizlet by feeling the emotion of regret for all of the money that parents have paid to send their kids to Chambana to fool around and get a piece of paper with their name after four years. This feeling happens most days when there’s a test, but especially right around finals time on Reading Day.


3.) Taking a Study Break to Go To KAM’s:



To forget about the regret of wasting one’s opportunity at a world-class education, UIUC students head off to KAM’s to experience a different kind of regret. This is the kind of regret that doesn’t happen because you aren’t studying, but rather because you just made out with your TA.


2.) The Realization at KAM’s That You’re Going to Fail:



Following a makeout session with the GEOG 101 TA, the Reading Day regret once again kicks in, and the emotion of acceptance begins to kick in as students realize that they will fail, and they will have to deal with the consequences (which probably don’t exist).


1.) Congratulating Yourself on Surviving Reading Day:




As the day comes to a close and Friday draws near, Illini should be patting themselves on the back for a semi-productive Reading Day, which involved mostly regret and suffering.


Just like a snowflake, everyone’s Reading Day is going to be different. The one thing for sure, though, is that the day will be terrible and probably not involve much reading.

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