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8 Dance Moves to Bust During Graduation That Accurately Depict Your Time as an Illini

Honestly, graduation ceremonies are boring. Do everyone in the audience a favor and embarrass yourself in front of several hundred people. You might end up internet famous, but hey, at least you’ll have something to be proud of since you’re still unemployed. Here are a few dance moves you can bust after grabbing that god-forsaken $100,000 piece of paper we call a diploma.

8.) The Moonwalk:
Obviously, the moonwalk is a timeless dance move that, when done right, will make you the hottest dancer in the club. But in other situations, it’s actually the perfect way to let everyone that you were a textbook procrastinator during college. What better way to show the audience, including your parents who funded your mediocre college career, that you moonwalked away from every responsibility and every homework assignment that you’ve ever had. Tee hee!

7.) The Sprinkler:
Sprinklers provide a constant flow of running water. You know who else had a constant flow of running water? You. Because all you did was cry. About everything. The sprinkler gives off a vibe that says, “hey, I’m an absolute mess,” which is exactly what you were these last four (or five) years. Own it!

6.) The Running Man:
Running in place but never actually getting anywhere? What an accurate way to describe your life. Sure, you’re getting your dance degree…barely. The running man shows your overachieving fellow graduates that you’ll always be working toward your goals but, unlike them, you’ll never quite make it there.

5.) The Cabbage Patch:
If you’re the type of student that actually had your shit together all throughout college, the cabbage patch is for you. It shows everyone that you’re content, you’re graduating with honors, and you’re just straight chillin’. Enjoy your stable life!

4.) Pop, Lock, N’ Drop It:
Ahhh yes. Chances are if you’re feeling the need to pop, lock, n’ drop it on the stage at a graduation ceremony…you were a party girl. You were the one who would celebrate every single thing with eight shots of tequila to the face. An ‘A’ on a test? Lion. Went to all your classes that week? KAM’s. You probably pregamed graduation, too.

3.) The Lawnmower:
When you think of a lawnmower, you think of a dad mowing the grass on a hot summer’s day, possibly with an ice-cold beer in his left hand. Similar to that dad, you have a dad bod, you drink an unnecessary amount of beer during most adult activities, and the most exciting part of your day after college is going to be mowing that lawn. We bet your gonna regret all those case races you did during your senior year when you can’t even fit into your kid’s size large Chicago Bulls jersey.

2.) The Hustle:
If you were the student who was always grinding in Grainger, had a 4.0, and absolutely no social life, then this is the dance move for you. Keep on hustlin’, ya nerd.

1.) The Robot:
You hated Champaign. You can’t wait to leave and never see this place ever again. You did your homework and passed your classes and that’s all that matters. Channel all those times you felt like an actual robot and run with it.

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