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Allen Hall Resident Pierces Own Ear And Is Super Cool For Doing It

Skylar Howlett impressed everyone last Tuesday by showing how much she literally does not give a shit when she shoved a rusty needle through the cartilage in her upper ear in the second floor of Allen Hall’s bathroom.

“Trust me, it’ll be fine. I use rubbing alcohol as disinfectant!” said Howlett, poking at her red, pulsing mistake that was definitely already infected.

However, not every student had such admiration for the DIY job. Her roommate, Angela Mckee, had some concerns.

“I’m literally going to be sick. Piercings aren’t supposed to look like that. I heard she did it with a safety pin. A safety pin! Well, let me tell you, there’s nothing safe about that,” said Mckee.

Shortly after the procedure all her friends in the dining hall diagnosed that it looked, “like, so infected,” and Howlett decided to get professional help. However, it was reported that she was turned away from the local tattoo shop, No Regrets, due to liability issues.

“At this point a piercer isn’t what you need, it’s a doctor,” said tattoo artist Shawn Macleav. “And maybe, like, someone to talk to.”

Nonetheless, Howlett was still badass enough to do it. As a result, she’s earned not only a hospital bill, but our respect.

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