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Bartender Of The Week: Jacob From Legends

Name: Jacob Ping
Instagram Handle: @jacobping1
Bar: Legends Bar and Grill
Relationship Status: Forever swiping right.
Major: I can’t read.
Favorite Drink: Budweiser. Full-strength only. 
Favorite Shot: Pickleback
Disgusting Drink: Anything with tequila.
What’s the single best moment of your summer so far?:
Having my flight cancelled and getting shitfaced drunk with a stranger about it. 
If it was this hot all year, how would campus be different?:
Sundress szn 24/7. 
In 5 words or less, describe Legends in the summer:
We’re not owned by Cochrane. 
What do you think Lil Bub is up to right now?:
How many hot dogs can you fit in your mouth?:
Buy me a couple shots and we’ll find out. 
Where’s the most uncomfortable spot you’ve ever gotten sunburn?:
Is there a comfortable spot?
What food item best represents summer in Champaign?:
Anything from McDonald’s. Not the best, but it’ll do. 
Why should people read The Black Sheep?:
Uhh, cause black sheep lives matter?

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