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Bartender Of The Week: Kajsa From Kam’s

Name: Kajsa Chen
Instagram Handle: @kajsaelaine
Bar: KAM’S
Relationship Status: Single
Major: Bioengineering
Favorite Drink: Vodka ginger
Favorite Shot: Buttery Nipple
Disgusting Drink: Blue Guy (sorry, I’ve seen too many puked up in the KAM’S toilets)

Do you think you’d make better or worse tips as a stripper?:
Better! Have you seen the tips people leave at this school?

What’s your sweatiest memory at KAM’S?:
Graduation weekend, because everyone and their mother wants to spend their last weekend at UIUC at the best bar on campus.

Describe Frat Park in six words or less.:
How the hell did I get here?

Are you going to mix Obama a free drink when he visits?:
Of course! Probably a vodka cranberry, vodka sprite, and a Blue Guy for the red white and blue vibes.

Is traffic better or worse at KAM’S now that Cly’s and Firehaus are dead?:
It’s busier, but I don’t don’t know if it’s better. I’m not mentally prepared for wine night and karaoke at KAM’S.

Why are bartenders better than baristas?:
There’s no alcohol in venti iced lattes, duh.

Why should people read The Black Sheep?:
To boost this article and make me famous.

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