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Bartender of the Week: Brittany from Brothers Bar & Grill

Name: Brittany Neiswender
Twitter Handle: @BrittanyNeis
Bar: Brothers Bar & Grill
Relationship Status: Undefined?
Major: Accounting and finance
Favorite Drink: Stiegl on ice with a shot of gin!
Favorite Shot: Jolly Rancher
Disgusting Drink: Anything with butterscotch. Yuck.

What kind of person orders a shot of gin at Brothers?:
People that like the taste of pine trees.

What grown-up drink is secretly really gross?:
Whiskey neat (even the expensive kind).

Which bottom-shelf vodka is best? Why?:
Definitely Smirnoff. Svedka sucks, and Burnett’s is trash.

What’s the new fall fashion in 2017?:
Furry slides for sure.

Why is October for lovers?:
Because it gets chilly and who doesn’t think flannels are a turn-on?

‘Sides carving, what’s a pumpkin good for?:
Pumpkin pie all day – it’s the best any time of the year.

Where were you when you found out Pluto wasn’t a planet?:
Answering this question. I’m shocked!

Why should people read The Black Sheep?:
Because what else are people going to do when they’re not paying attention in class?

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