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Bartender of the Week: The Clybourne’s Scales


Name: Scales

Bar: The Clybourne

Relationship Status: Happily married with 10 kids and 6 carrier pigeons.

Major: Box

Favorite Drink: “Juices”

Favorite Shot: Fuel

Disgusting Drink: Gin


Which childhood insult would be the best name for a mixed drink?:

Donkey Brains.


What would be in Donkey Brains?:

A shot of rum and Hamm’s beer.


What hashtag most accurately describes your last hook-up?:



Who would win in a drinking competition between you and your dad? Why?:

Me, because he’s weak.


What was the last thing that made you feel very stupid?:

Sending my dad to the hospital during a drinking contest.


Give us your billion-dollar app idea:

An app for finding the best place to poop.


What was the last thing you immediately regretted upon waking up?:

Sleeping on the street.


What is something you’re certain is true, but has not been proven?:

You can milk a full grown man with nothing but a bag of chips and a car battery.


Which current fashion trend will society most regret in 15 years?:

Banana hammocks.


Provide proof you’re not a member of the Illuminati:

Don’t tell me what to do.


Why should people read The Black Sheep?:

For the personal ads 😉


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