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Bartender of The Week: Colleen from Cly’s

Name: Colleen Lappe
Instagram Handle: @colleenlappe
Bar: Clybourne Toasted Bean
Relationship Status: Foreign lover
Major: Craft Metals (it’s an art major so I don’t know if it even counts)
Favorite Drink: Whiskey Sour
Favorite Shot: Bambz
Disgusting Drink: Anything I serve.

April showers brings Cly’s what__?:
That extra inch of strange liquids on the dance floor.

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Honestly, what do you do when you have to shit and it’s super busy?:
I’ve trained my body so that I never have to use the Cly’s bathroom. You would too.

What’s the best place in Cly’s one could stash a dozen hard boiled eggs for later consumption?:
The kitchen. I bet you didn’t know we had one.

Defend your favorite candy bar, you coward:
85% dark chocolate, just like my men ;).

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve bought or seen someone buy in the Green St. Walgreens?:
An engineer buying deodorant.

You accidentally pooped in ARC’s outdoor pool, what’s your next move?:
Wait, wait, wait, you’re pretending people swim in that pool?

What’s a part of Cly’s history that everybody should know?:
It used to be a brothel, still kind of is.

What fictional character caused your sexual awakening?:
Frank Reynolds from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

Why should people read The Black Sheep?:
Strictly for Bartender of the Week.

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