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Bartender of The Week: Davis From Joe’s Baja Kingdom

Name: Davis
Instagram Handle: @daviistuart
Bar: Joe’s Baja Kingdom
Relationship Status: Taken 
Major: Communication
Favorite Drink: JAMEO
Favorite Shot: Cuervo
Disgusting Drink: Montezuma Blue

Who is a Joe’s legend and what makes them legendary?:
Les, he’s clocked in more hours at Joe’s than any employee, ever. 

What’s the #1 sign someone is overserved?:
When they leave you a number with no tip.

If Joe’s were a superhero, who would be its arch nemesis?: 
The fire marshal. 

How many butts you seen ‘round these parts?:
A couple, nothing compares to Ferrin’s though #RIP.

What’s your first memory of UIUC?:
Unfortunately, probably the poles at Joe’s

Finish this phrase “Cash, grass, or ass…”: 
No one drinks for free.

Second favorite place to poop on campus?:
Girls poop? 

If you had 3 hours to spend $10k, what would you do?:
Pay off my jaywalking ticket.

Why should people read The Black Sheep?: 
Why do people still enjoy Baja Blasts?

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