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Bartender of the Week: Elly from Joe’s

Name: Elly
Instagram Handle: @sparkellyyy
Bar: Joe’s
Relationship Status: Single
Major: Advertising
Favorite Drink: Ice pick with cran <3
Favorite Shot: Rumpies <3333
Disgusting Drink: Anything with whiskey. Miss me with that shit.

April showers bring Joe’s _____?:  
Packed in boys wearing jerseys.

Honestly, what do you do when you have to shit and it’s super busy?:
Gotta hold that shit in and pray the lord won’t make you be the next Lion poop girl

What’s the best place in Joe’s one could stash a dozen hard boiled eggs for later consumption?:
Definitely anywhere on dance floor on a Saturday night. Let it marinate in all the steam of those who grind up on each other and slide down those stripper poles. It’s delicious after a long saucin’ shift. 

Defend your favorite candy bar, you coward:
Full send on Butterfingers. Nothing like the sweet taste of Butterfingers.


What’s the weirdest thing you’ve bought or seen someone buy in the Green St. Walgreens?:
Once saw a woman buy maybe 500 condoms. Thought she was about to have a great night, then I saw her handing out free condoms on the Quad an hour later. 

You accidentally pooped in ARC’s outdoor pool, what’s your next move?:
Too many poop questions. But get out, run far, far away and never return because now you’re known as the ARC poop girl. 

What’s a part of Joe’s history that everybody should know?:
Ferrin. Gone but never forgotten. 

What fictional character caused your sexual awakening?:
This makes me uncomfy but Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid, obviously. 

Why should people read The Black Sheep?:
Because it’s always a fun read and keeps the brain fresh n’ young. 

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