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Bartender Of The Week: Emily From Joe’s

Name: Emily Weiss
Instagram Handle: @Em__Weiss
Bar: Joe’s
Relationship Status: Single
Major: Human Development
Favorite Drink: Shot of Fireball in Apple Angry Orchard.
Favorite Shot: Tequiiiiila
Disgusting Drink: Knockout

What university building would you tend at if given the opportunity?:
Follinger. We should set up a bar in there for the next Waka Flocka concert actually.

What drink you could you seamlessly mix Capri-Sun into?:
A bottle of tequila.

What superpower do you have that all the other Joe’s hoes don’t?:
I had a pretty seamless recovery after I ate shit while waitressing and spilled a full tray of waters on myself.

Turn your family’s signature recipe into a mixed drink:
Hmm. We always make Monkey Bread, which is sweet and cinnamon-y so maybe like fireball, cranberry and sprite.

How long does a bar patron have to stay past closing before you physically throw them out?:
Like two minutes. Maybe one if it’s a shitty night.

Which Joe’s special do you lowkey use to clean the toilets?:
Baja Blasts get the job done.

Could Joe’s Brewery win a season of Big Brother?:

Why should people read The Black Sheep?:
They give the people what they want.

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