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Bartender of The Week: Franco From Joe’s Brewery

Name: Franco Torres
Instagram Handle: @_frank_0
Bar: Joe’s Brewery
Relationship Status: Can I put my phone number here?
Major: Finance
Favorite Drink: 4Loko… Gold, of course
Favorite Shot: I’d probably get fired if I didn’t say Jagerbombs
Disgusting Drink: Jagerbombs

Where in Champaign-Urbana should Joe’s open a second location? Why?:
Right next to the local high school so more 18 year-olds can try to get in.

Tell us about your first kiss:
She got the unlucky spin on spin the bottle.

What’s a guy doing in Joe’s that tells you he’s overcompensating for a tiny peen?:
Aggressively waving his daddy’s credit card in the air.

Who boofs best at Joe’s?:
Michael Gavin.

Body count?:
Zero… I’m saving myself for the lord.

UIUC is Fortnite, where’s the best place to drop?:
The Illini Tower… tons of loot.

Who’s your most annoying hungover friend, and what does he/she do?:
My roommate when he asks me to pull trig for him… Help!

If Champaign bars graduated this year, which would be the first to get pregnant?:
KAM’s… because she’s filthy.

Why should people read The Black Sheep?:
To get educated.

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