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Bartender of The Week: Gabi from Cly’s

Name: Gabi Zemaitis
Instagram Handle: @gabi_zemaitis
Bar: Cly’s
Relationship Status: I don’t know, but if y’all find out lmk.
Major: Architecture
Favorite Drink: Monster Vodka
Favorite Shot: Tokillya
Disgusting Drink: Vodka water lime aka Cly’s floor cleaner.

What’s something that happens every weekend at Cly’s that should be illegal?:
Puking in the bathroom sinks.

What’s a classic bartender “rookie mistake”?:
Working Wine Nights. Geeds haven’t figured out how to tip.

Give us a little vague insight into some hot Cly’s goss right now:
Cly’s bar crawl top tiki, if you know you know.

What’s something the youths are doing that you don’t understand?:
Smelling salts.

If Cly’s had a summer intern, what would you make them do?:
We do, they’re called door guys.

Top three frats, in order of how clean you think their bathrooms are:
Worst frat bathroom = KAM’s. Best frat bathroom = non-existent.

When it’s all said and done, how will Cly’s remember you?:
Probably won’t unless I decide to bang at least 15 of my coworkers ~serious inquires only~.

What’s Clys’s best kept secret?:
We ain’t closing down you tweaks.

Why should people read The Black Sheep?:
To avoid starting that homework you’ve already been putting off for three days.

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