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Bartender of The Week: Joe From Brothers Bar and Grill

Name: Joe Swoboda
Instagram Handle: @jswoboda20
Bar: Brothers Bar and Grill
Relationship Status: Happily taken
Major: Architecture
Favorite Drink: Old Fashioned
Favorite Shot: Jack Daniels
Disgusting Drink: Vodka/ other cleaning products

Who is a Brothers legend and what makes them legendary?:
Neal Galletti, because his wings are juicy, and his sauce is saucier (please give me free wings Neal).

What’s the #1 sign someone is overserved?:
They square up to Jack Daniels at the entrance.

If Brothers were a superhero, who would be its arch nemesis?
Mondays – it’s a ghost town.

How many butts you seen ‘round these parts?:
Too many for my liking.

What’s your first memory of UIUC?:
3 months into first semester after I finished all my Burnett’s.

Finish this phrase “Cash, grass, or ass…”:
Come to me, preferably with grass.

Second favorite place to poop on campus?:
Architecture basement, plenty of privacy to make friends with the cockroaches.

If you had 3 hours to spend $10k, what would you do?:
Easy, buy $10K worth of gems for my Clash Royale account.

Why should people read The Black Sheep?:
To read about the bartender of the week, me.

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