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Bartender of the Week: Joseph from KAM’s

Name: Joseph Scheri
Instagram Handle: joseph_scheri
Bar: KAM’s
Relationship Status: Married to my doggo.
Major: To be honest, I don’t even know. Gotta figure that out soon.
Favorite Drink: Vodka Red Bull
Favorite Shot: Anything that puts me under.
Disgusting Drink: Vodka Water Limes

 Why is 2018 the year of KAM’s?:
Let’s be honest, this is the year canned Blue Guys go viral.

Who is the best kisser at KAM’s?:
Rolando Alvarado (Have you seen the guy’s lips?)

Describe your NYE Snap Story in five words:
Drinking alcohol on couch alone.

What’s the biggest difference between New Year’s Eve and the first night back in Champaign?:
Ironically, less champagne.

Will the daddy trend fade into obscurity in 2018? Why or why not?:
Absolutely not. Daddies never die, period.

What will you definitely NOT do by the end of the semester?:
Go to The Red Lion. Place is wack.

Three words to describe the biggest trend of 2019:
Crocs with socks.

What will you most regret saying by January 1, 2019?:
“I’m gonna go out less.”

Why should people read The Black Sheep?:
Because they ask the REAL questions.

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