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Bartender of the Week: Kevin from Red Lion

Name: Kevin Murphy
Twitter Handle: @ChickfilA
Bar: Red Lion
Relationship Status: Sold my soul to Lion a while ago.
Major: Political science
Favorite Drink: Black coffee 
Favorite Shot: Anything but tequila from Lion.
Disgusting Drink: Anything with tequila from Lion.


Finish the joke: two dads walk into Red Lion…:
They quickly leave after finding out the only music we play are Top 50 hip-hop songs from Spotify at full volume.

Who is the real daddy of Red Lion?:
Probably whoever owns the Barton vodka brand.

 What would your dad say if he saw you bartending at Red Lion at 1:45 a.m.?: 
These days he has a strict 9 p.m. bedtime, but back in his prime he would have been slinging the sauce right there with me.

What’s the most dad, dad beer?:
A Corona and lime on a fishing boat in Florida. 

What’s the most dad pick-up line?:
“My son’s a bartender at The Red Lion.” 

Five words to describe the perfect dad bod:
Margaritas and queso from Chili’s.

Would you rather walk in on your dad having sex or have your dad walk in on you having sex? Why?: 
Don’t you think this is getting too personal?

Tell us something you don’t want your dad to know:
Sometimes I watch CNN.

Why should people read The Black Sheep?: 
For the dad-themed interviews.

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