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Bartender of the Week: KP from Joe’s Brewery

Name: KP
Instagram Handle: @karenperezzz
Bar: Joe’s
Relationship Status: Chase a check, never chase a bitch.
Major: Middle school education. I hope the thought of me teaching your future children terrifies you.
Favorite Drink: Tito’s and water
Favorite Shot: Jameson with a Pickleback
Disgusting Drink: Gin

 What was the first drink you ever had? How old were you?:
Shout-out to my old man for raising his preteen daughter right with tequila, Squirt, and limes.

Five words to describe your worst shift at Joe’s:
Any. Saturday. Night. On. Dance.

What’s the best trick you’ve gotten this year?:
He tricked me and slipped it in the back door! Happy Halloween!

What’s the best treat you’ve gotten this year?:
Are we still talking Halloween candy? 😉

 What’s going to be the most overdone Halloween costume this year, guy edition?:  
The idea of wearing a jersey as a costume needs to be retired.

What’s going to be the most overdone Halloween costume this year, girl edition?:
The slutty zombie look may be overdone, but you can’t go wrong with it.

What was your favorite Halloween candy as a kid? What do you think of it now?:
Kit Kats. You can still hit me with them.

Which sexual fetish are you barely brave enough to admit to being kinda-a-little-maybe-interested in?:
Is there any way to answer this question without having to block my mom on Facebook?

Why should people read The Black Sheep?:
You probably aren’t doing your readings for class, so you might as well read this.

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