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Bartender Of The Week: Lukas From Brothers

Name: Lukas Talaga
Instagram Handle: lukas_talaga
Bar: Brothers
Relationship Status: Might as well be married.
Major: Molecular and cellular biology
Favorite Drink: Vodka water lime
Favorite Shot: Jolly Rancher
Disgusting Drink: Anything with Fireball.

What campus building would you tend the bar at if given the opportunity?:
Chem-Annex, they have all the ethanol you could ever need.

What drink you could you seamlessly mix Capri-Sun into?:
Tequila Capri-Sunrise.

What superpower do you have that all the other bartenders don’t?:
Hair that falls into my face every second.

Turn your mom’s signature recipe into a mixed drink:
Buttery Pierogi (Potato Vodka/Bailey’s/Butterscotch Liqueur).

How long does a bar patron have to stay past closing before you physically throw them out?:
As long as it takes for them to climb their drunk self onto a table.

Which Brother’s special do you lowkey use to clean the toilets?:
LIT’s (literally in the toilet).

Could Brother’s win a season of Big Brother?:
Only if voting is on a Thursday.

Why should people read The Black Sheep?:
To see everyone sheepishly grinning in their photos.

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