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Bartender of the Week: Rachel from KAM’s

Name: Rachel Valentino (Tino)
Instagram Handle: @Rachelray3 (mediocre chef impersonator)
Bar: KAM’S
Relationship Status: I’ll leave that up to your discretion.
Major: Nursing
Favorite Drink: Hennessy Lemonade
Favorite Shot: Piehole
Disgusting Drink: Blue Guy: I’d rather get my daily dose of complex carbs elsewhere.

Which of Santa’s reindeer is KAM’s? Why?:
Prancer, not Dancer. I’ve seen too many tragedies on the KAM’s dancefloor.

Someone who just finished their last final shows up to KAM’s. What are you serving them?:
Four $5 Blue Guys and my condolences.


What nightlife final should more patrons of KAM’s take?:
Tipping Your Bartender 101.

 Describe 2017 as an alcoholic beverage:
All of the above. 2017 turned us into alcoholics.

 How is New Year’s Eve different in the burbs than in Champaign?:
You throw up inside someone’s parents’ bathroom instead of a stall with no toilet paper.

Five words to describe your worst finals experience:
Mouth breather, sniffling, chewing gum.

Give us a 2018 prediction:
JUULs end up killing off 98% of thots.

Why should people read The Black Sheep?:
To find out who the Bartender of the Week is (it’s me).

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