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Bartender of The Week: Scottie From The Red Lion

Name: Scottie Semko
Instagram Handle: @scottievisuals
Bar: The Red Lion
Relationship Status: @jordanbeckk
Major: Marketing & Information Systems
Favorite Drink: Monster Vodka
Favorite Shot: Jaegerbomb
Disgusting Drink: Blue Guy

Where in Champaign-Urbana should Red Lion open a second location?:
TRL is a one-of-a-kind, unduplicatable establishment. Next question.

Tell us about your first kiss:
2nd grade recess, I step on my shoelace and fall face to face, mouth to mouth, into a girl. We’re on the ground and I’m on top. I’m kind of in to it actually, but she quickly shoves me off of her in disgust. She was sour about it for weeks. 13 years later, she hasn’t talked to me since. She’s also pregnant.

What’s a guy doing in Red Lion that tells you he’s overcompensating for a tiny peen?:
Pull-ups on the rafters by the dance floor.

Who boofs best at The Red Lion?:
What goes on in the DJ booth, stays in the DJ booth. Shout out to Ben Jammin though.

Body count?:
I haven’t killed anyone?

UIUC is Fortnite, where’s the best place to drop?:
Unless I’m feeling daredevilish, I’d usually drop at Joe’s because nobody goes there.   

Who’s your most annoying hungover friend, and what does he/she do?:
A Lion legend, Browerko. “Bring me 2 waters, each with 13 ice cubes; no more, no less. NOW! And a pack of cigs. Pussy.” One of my best friends for life.  

If Champaign bars graduated this year, which would be the first to get pregnant, why?:
KAM’s. Easy.

Why should people read The Black Sheep?:
I’m in it! Hi mom!

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