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Bartender of the Week: Sebastian from The Red Lion

Name: Sebastian
Instagram Handle: @seabeastian
Bar: The Red Lion
Relationship Status: Single but lookin’ 2 mingle.
Major: Accounting and finance
Favorite Drink: Rum and Coke with a ~splash~ of lime.
Favorite Shot: Jagerbomb (duh.)
Disgusting Drink: Severson (tequila, whiskey, water)
Which of Santa’s reindeer is Red Lion? Why?:
Rudolph. HA, get it? RED nose and RED Lion? Kid’s already halfway there.

Someone who just finished their last final shows up to Red Lion. What are you serving them?:
Everything– time to knock them down harder than they knocked down their GPA.


What nightlife final should more patrons of Red Lion take?:
Cocktagon Urinal Selection 220.

Describe 2017 as an alcoholic beverage:
Vodka bleach.

How is New Year’s Eve different in the burbs than in Champaign?:
NYE in the burbs is much classier without the sketchy townies, but also degrading because you’re probably in some basement slamming a Four Loko to 90’s throwbacks. Needless to say, Chambana NYE is the move.

Five words to describe your worst finals experience:
Econ 202 bent me over.

Give us a 2018 prediction: 
Students focus on their education and get good grades while NOT going to TRL to get belligerent every night.

Why should people read The Black Sheep?:
It gives you a sense of fulfillment after a shitty day.

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