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The Black Sheep Interviews: Lucy Dacus


Lucy Dacus is a singer-songwriter churning out indie-blues jams from all the way from Richmond, Virginia. Her debut album No Burden came out earlier this year, and since then she’s been touring around all sorts of festivals. The Black Sheep had the opportunity to talk with Lucy before she comes to Champaign for Pygmalion on September 22. We found out about her favorite animal and which ghost she thinks is cool. Lucky us.

TBS: What are you most excited for at Pygmalion this year?


LD: I’m really stoked to see Vince Staples. My drummer got to see him and said it was one of the most spirited shows ever, I’ll probably try and get really close to feel like I’m actually watching him.


TBS: What’s your favorite thing about performing at a festival?


LD: The cool thing about [festivals] is we’ve done enough now that we’ll probably run into other bands that we’ve met at different festivals and it’s like, “Oh hey haven’t seen you in a while, how’s your tour going?” It’s hard to make friends on the road because you show up in a city, you stay there for a day, and you don’t have much time to really get to know anyone. When you meet people and then you see them again, they’re basically a close friend.


TBS: How would you describe your music in the least musical terms possible?


LD: My sound? Honest. I want people to think it is genuine and clear. Not as ambiguous as other music.


TBS: So you have a song called “Strange Torpedo,” can you describe the strangest torpedo you can think of?


LD: A strange torpedo is somebody that who is, someone that is kind of out of control, living in a way that they don’t really want to, but they keep doing anyway. Either out of habit or just being stuck. And just kind of exploding, spiraling, but I guess in the song, as someone who knows and cares about the strange torpedo you kind of let it happen and let them do their thing.


TBS: What if the torpedo was decorated strangely?


LD: Oh! [laughs] it’s a funny question. Like a torpedo decorated oddly … Bedazzled maybe, a torpedo I could put all my band stickers I’ve been collecting on. Maybe I should get a torpedo.


TBS: So, do you have any weird pre-performance rituals that you do?


LD: The one major thing is I put on my lipstick, which I guess is weird. I wear it at every show and I don’t wear any make-up otherwise. It’s really about how I focus. I have to quiet down, calm myself. It’s a methodical thing to do.

TBS: Alright, but what’s your favorite song to play on the kazoo?


LD: [laughs] on the kazoo? This is gonna be a weird answer, I’m surprised I even have an answer but probably “Just Like Heaven” by The Cure. Just ‘cause I’ve done that before.

TBS: If you could have one animal perform on stage with you what kind would it be?


LD: Probably a sloth, but we’d also get one of those harnesses to hook up at the top of the venue, and we’d have the sloth swinging, kind of doing acrobatics above us.


TBS: Wait, did this actually happen for you?


LD: No, it did not, that’s just the dream.

TBS: If you were going to be any other musician for Halloween who would you be?


LD: Maybe Patti Smith? Probably. I saw her at Newport Folk Fest like a month or two ago, I don’t know, she’s like an icon to me.


TBS: If any dead musician was going haunt you, who would you want it to be.


LD: Probably David Bowie. I already watch interviews with him enough to get the perspective on art and creating, and staying true to who you are. He seems like a really wise person who I would definitely want to consult about anything.


TBS: Wise man. What is your favorite song to karaoke while you’re drunk?


LD: The song I’ve karaokied before was “La Vie en Rose,” just because most people do like up-beat songs so I like to give a little breather and sing the of that song.


TBS: So Chipotle or Qdoba?


LD: Chipotle, but it’s a burrito, so I don’t feel strongly about that. But Chipotle does have better music, I will say that.


TBS: Last question, if you could tell anything to the readers of The Black Sheep what would it be?


LD: I would say that it’s okay that we can’t vote for Bernie Sanders, we just need to vote for Hillary even if she sucks [laughs a lot].


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