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Booze Review: Anti-Hero IPA

Hmm, here’s a new one: a revolution-themed IPA. Perfect for someone looking to take the edge off with Ivan and Boris before overthrowing the bourgeoisie. Or, just someone trying to seize the means and productions and chill. For just 700 Ruble (or $12 for you capitalists), 6 of these bad boys can be yours. Just be warned, like a matryoshka doll, once you open the first one, you’re going to end up finishing the rest. Perfect for someone looking for a taste of foreign culture, Anti-Hero’s are brewed and canned straight from the volunteer work camps of Siberia. Or Chicago, who knows? Here’s our Anti-Hero IPA review:

Grade: A –

Smells Like:

Tastes Like:
Basically any other IPA.

 Typical Drinkers: 
– That guy who plays multiple Run the Jewels songs at the pregame.

–  Bernie Sanders. That’s right– when he’s not fighting the 1%, he likes to get down.

–  Middle-aged dudes in a band whose name changes every week.

– The guy reading The Communist Manifesto on the subway.

– The Young Socialist of America.

User Comments: 
– “You’re not my friends, you’re my comrades.”

– “Is it getting Bolshevik in here or is it just me?”

– “Does anyone have Mikhail Gorbachev’s phone number?”

– “Слава Родине! Да здравствует империя!”

Best Described as a Drink Superior To: 
-A Molotov cocktail.

Will Drinking This Help My Chances With Misha?:
Only if you receive permission from her babushka first.

Do I Have to Chain Smoke Cigarettes While Drinking These?:
Is this even a question?

We Mixed It With: 
Pierogis, food lines, and the Gulag.

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