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Bartender of the Week: Brother’s Amanda


Name: Amanda

Bar: Brother’s

Relationship Status: Well I am a super senior 😉

Major: Dietetics

Favorite Drink: Vodka Water Lime. Yes, I’m basic.

Favorite Shot:  Buttery Nipple

Disgusting Drink: Malört


How does an unemployed, drunk student get by in Champaign over the summer?:

They become a towel boy at Roland Pool.


What would be in ghetto brunch?:

Tang, André, and Hot Pockets


Who will win Champaign summer 2016? Why?:

Cochrane, he’s always making the most bank in Champaign.


What would you get a 4.0 in?:

Netflix and Chill


What will be the song of the summer?:

“Shots & Squats” by Vigiland


A geed, a Greek and a freshman walk into a bar…:

That sounds like a typical night at Brother’s…minus the freshman.


Would you rather drink a glass of Roland Pool water or eat a handful of 6-pack mattress foam? Why?:

A 6-pack mattress foam, because even though I might get cancer later, I’d definitely get herpes now from Roland Pool water.


Why should people read The Black Sheep?:

To see me, duh.


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