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Champaign Gets Portillo’s Right As You Leave

Portillo’s has announced that they’ll be opening one of their beloved restaurants in Champaign in late May. While most Illini are ecstatic to have their hometown comfort food just a short drive off campus, some students from the graduating Class of 2017 have expressed great disdain toward the news.



Senior Vicente Como described the opening date being slated for only a few short weeks after his graduation date as “a slap in the face.”

“I mean, the only reason I ever went home while I was down here was to get a chocolate cake shake and now you’re telling me that right when I leave they’ll open one? You’ve got to be kidding me,” Como cried. “This would’ve been a huge help for finals week, but now I have no idea how I’ll get through it.” 

Como went on to say he’ll be living with his parents in the suburbs until he finds a job, and hopes to get his fill of Portillo’s there.

Other graduating seniors have taken more drastic measures, such as Kelly Sochi, who turned down a job offer in order to pursue a graduate degree at the University of Illinois as well as to be closer to her favorite restaurant.

“The place that I was going to work was in Jackson, Mississippi, and instead of Portillo’s, they just have poor dental hygiene,” noted Sochi. “I’m already burdened with a buttload of student debt so I might as well bury myself further and forgo entering the real world for a couple more years.”

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