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Report: 80% of Chicago Flags Hung In Dorm Rooms Purchased Last Week in Chicago Suburbs

As Illini gear up for the upcoming school year, getting new room decorations such as colorful tapestries and wooden monograms that perfectly represent their brand is at the top of many students’ to-do lists. For many, this means showing pride in their hometown by displaying the iconic Chicago flag. However, a recent report published by the Pew Research Center shows that for many of these students, the flag is misleading.

“After analyzing data from various retail stores in Illinois, we have found that 80% of Chicago flag purchases were actually made by students who are from the suburbs,” said researcher Jonathan McNeil. “We saw the most purchases made in Buffalo Grove, Joliet and, of course, Naperville.”

Although these students are aware that this decor doesn’t show anyone where they’re actually from, they don’t see anything wrong with it.

“Hanging the Chicago flag in my room is just a perfect way for me to show pride in my city, Chi-City. I mean, Buffalo Grove is like, right there,” explained UIUC sophomore Bryan Jones. “Besides, I tell everyone I’m from Chicago anyway. It’s just easier that way.”

While U of I students from the suburbs don’t see any problem with this, students who are actually from Chicago feel differently.

“It’s so annoying when I hear Bryan tell people he’s from Chicago when I know he’s from Buffalo Grove,” said UIUC sophomore Danny Morrison angrily. “I thought I would get away from people like this after I graduated from St. Ignatius, but I was wrong. He doesn’t understand that being a fan of Chance the Rapper doesn’t mean you know anything about Chicago.”

Researchers warn Chicago flags will continue to hang proudly in dorm rooms all across UIUC’s campus, even though the person who hung it is probably from the suburbs.

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