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College of Engineering to Combat Cheating By Making Curriculum Easier

Academic dishonesty has been a growing issue for UIUC, and especially for the College of Engineering (COE). In recent years, as technology becomes more advanced and cheating methods more sophisticated, countermeasures need to become better as well.However, the COE’s most recent initiative takes anti-cheating in a different direction.

“We started looking into the motivations behind students that cheat,” explained COE academic coordinator Carl Henrietta, “We wanted to know what sorts of things might be pushing students to stoop so low as a communication major. They don’t even need to cheat, and they do anyway!”

The COE conducted a massive search, contacting all students that have ever committed an academic integrity infraction in the history of the college, which was easier because they’re all a bunch of snitches.

“We really reached deep into that backlog,” said COE advisor Frank Abbinog. “Responses were mixed, to say the least. For many former students, it seemed like it was still a sensitive topic, which led to a lot of impassioned phone conversations.”

But trends quickly started to appear after the engineering students reminded the advisor that the engineering program at UIUC was one of the best country.

“We discovered that most students who cheated did it because they thought the material was too hard to be worth the time learning it.” continued Henrietta. “Which, was surprising because why in God’s name would a curriculum full of complicated physics that somehow build bridges and water systems that serve millions of people be complicated? From there, we knew exactly where to go.”

The new initiative will be modifying the curricula of almost all core engineering classes, doing things like offering more extra credit, giving unlimited attempts on all homework assignments, and making exams open-book. Some instructors, however, are still hesitant about the proposed changes.

“Are you kidding me?” responded civil engineering professor Barbara Strong, “How are we supposed to teach them anything like this? We’ll be basically handing out degrees to people who already call themselves engineers!”  

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