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Curtis Apple Orchard to Start Charging Cover for Pictures With Apples

With fall activities in full swing, sororities are beginning to take their annual sisterhood trips to Curtis Apple Orchard to take “candid” pictures and Boomerangs with their besties. The owner of the orchard, Kyle Mehokdoherty, has recently realized that the idea of taking photos with ripe fruit in October is extremely appealing to women ages 18-22. In order to reap the benefits, Curtis Apple Orchard has decided to charge a $5 cover fee for these photo shoots.

“Every year, we see more and more young women identically dressed in sweaters who come to our orchard just to stand around and fake laugh for pictures,” said Mehokdoherty, “We figured it was about time to start charging them extra. If Red Lion can do it, why can’t we?”

The idea first came to Mehokdoherty when a sorority girl approached him, asking to be escorted to the orchard’s “prettiest apples.” She then slipped him a $20 bill for his troubles.

“Yeah I might’ve bribed the owner, but it was worth it. Holding a pretty apple that I’m not going to eat totally fits the fall aesthetic I’m going for with my Insta,” said Mu Alpha Theta member Nikki Taylor, while undoing the top button on her Urban Outfitters flannel. “I didn’t even mind the $5 because the hundreds of likes and comments more than made up for it.”

Curtis Apple Orchard expects to profit more than ever this season, and might double their cover charge from $5 to $10, depending on how they feel.

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