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Daddy Of The Week: Keenan From DU

Name: Keenan Schmidt
Instagram handle: @keenans_art
Major: Graphic Design
Relationship Status: Spoken for
Fraternity: DU
Boxers or briefs?: Whoa, that’s a little personal.

What’s the most “dad” activity you regular participate in?:
I’ll sometimes wear sock with sandals.

Does Violent Crimes by Kanye West depict your protectiveness over your daughter?:
My daughter has agency of her sexual expression, so I don’t think Kanye can speak for me on that.

Is one JUUL pod flavor “manlier” than the rest? Is that your pod of choice?:
I’m a DIY guy – I refill pods with juice from my local vape shop.

How many kids did you adopt in the pet shop on Club Penguin?:
Uhhh… what?

You catch your teenage son shotgunning a Mike’s Hard. WYD?:
Tell them to enjoy it but be careful! Those edges can be sharp.

With the closure of Cly’s, what’s the new move for Tuesdays?:
Cozy puzzle nights.

What moment marked your rite of passage into dadhood?:
This interview, I guess.

Tell us a dad joke:
I think you meant “Tell us a joke, dad.”

Why do you deserve to be Daddy of the Week?:
Go ask your mother.

Why should people read The Black Sheep?:
Do I have to say something nice here?

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