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Daddy Of The Week: Kevin From Dchi

Name:  Kevin
Major: Slamming Blue Guys.
Relationship Status: Sorry ladies.
Fraternity: Dchi
Boxers or briefs?: I like a mix of both.

What did PSYC 100 teach you about your parenting style?:
I’ve been doing it all wrong.

Are you one of those camo dads?:
Absolutely and not ashamed.

How many jumbo marshmallows can you fit in your mouth at one time?:
At least six, depends on the moisture content.

Does your teenage daughter have “daddy issues”?:
I’d prefer not to answer.

Is water wet?:
Between 32 and 212 degrees most of the time, yeah.

What would your kid have to do to get totally grounded?:
Deface my statue of Steve Buscemi and you’re done kid.

How many have you poured out for Mac Miller?:
Not enough, rest in peace.

Tell us a dad joke:
Nothing beats “Hi hungry, I’m dad.”

Why do you deserve to be Daddy of the Week?:
It ain’t easy bein’ cheesy.

Why should people read The Black Sheep?:
Anything beats actually paying attention in class.

Oh Listen to Talk of Shame, a podcast about being young & dumb. Hosted by 2 drunk girls from The Black Sheep corporate, Mackenzie Harding & Andrea Jablonski. One can’t find her tampon, the other one’s laundry is probably on fire. Subscribe to Talk of Shame:

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