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Drinking Game: Billiards Binge

Pool and alcohol are the oldest of friends—in any reasonably sized community, you’re bound to find at least one pool bar. Celebrate this classic pairing with this game, which will put both your pool and drinking skills to the test.

What You’ll Need:
A pool table, fully stocked with balls, cues, and chalk. Various kinds of alcohol, and the means to serve it. An excited audience is not required, but encouraged.

Number of Players:
Two. This is non-negotiable.

Level of Intoxication:
“Biker pool hall” levels of wasted. It’s going to get aggressive.

How to Play:
– Before beginning, pour one drink for each ball. These drinks can be as diverse or as uniform as you want. You can have 14 half-cups of beer, or a combination of beers, shots, wine, and mixed drinks. Assign each ball a drink, not including the cue ball. The 8-ball is always assigned a can of beer to be shotgunned.

– Flip a coin to determine who will break.

– When player sinks a ball, their opponent must consume the drink associated with said ball.

– Play normally, continuing to drink whenever a ball is sunk. At first, the alcohol may enhance performance. Naturally, the game is going to get more difficult for the drinking player as it progresses.

– When the 8-ball is sunk, the losing player must shotgun the beer. This includes the 8-ball being sunk early.

– Winner keeps the table.

The Game Ends When:
You’re too intoxicated to play properly, or when your stomach has finally had enough. Play with small amounts of beer if you want to play all night, or play with shots if you’re drinking to forget. Hustlers will not be tolerated, and it’s the obligation of every spectator to remove the hustler from the premises.

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