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Drinking Game: Burp

Burping is American, dammit. Unsophisticated and vulgar, just like us. Why not celebrate this glorious nation by just letting a big ole burp rip? Do it—it’s more American than not tipping your Uber driver. Here’s how to play our burping drinking game:

Number of Players: 3+

What You Need:
A deck of cards, lots of beer, and your friends who enjoy a nice beer or 12.

Intoxication Level:
You’ll make Barney Gumble look like Mother Teresa.

How To Play:
– Sit in a circle (preferably around a table) and place the cards in the center.

-The oldest player flips the top card first.

– If the card is red, the player to their left has to drink for as many seconds as the card’s number suggests. If the card is black, the card flipper has to drink for that many seconds (Ex: black 7, you drink for 7 seconds; red 7, player to your left drinks for 7 seconds…it’s not that hard.)

– If the card is an ace, everyone playing has to drink for 10 seconds.

– If the card is a joker, the player gets to choose who drinks and the player of choice has to drink for 10 seconds.

– Because you’re going to be chugging a lot of beer, you’ll be quite gassy. Burping is an essential part of this game. You need a real mean, smelly, earth-shattering burp. So, whenever someone has one of these burps during the course of the game, whichever card is facing up, everyone playing has to drink for the amount showing.

The Game Ends When:
A burp turns into an accidental puke.

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