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Drinking Game: Electricity

Unlike having chemistry, having electricity with someone could be dangerous. But just like drinking a lotta the sauce, having electricity in our current society is pretty much a necessity. What a coincidental intro.

What You Need:
Cards and alcohol.

Number of Players:
Three or more.

Intoxication Level:
Like 300,000 volts of booze running through your body. 

 How to Play:
– Deal out the entire deck to everyone playing, don’t look at the cards.

– Since it’s electricity, you are only concerned with your neighbor’s cards (the cards that are touching). For example, with 3 players, all cards would be touching and with 4 ,players only the people to the left and right of you matter.

– All players flip a card at the same time.

– After everyone flips over a card, If you match suit or card type with your neighbor, drink what the card is numbered (face cards are 10).

– If you match one neighbor with suit and the other with type, then double the total of both cards. Do not double if you match only suit or type on both sides; just add up both cards.

-Continue until no cards are left.

 The Game Ends When:
Sticking your dick in the electrical socket seems preferable to continuing to play.

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