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Drinking Game: The JUUL Olympics

No thanks to the “Truth” anti-tobacco ad campaign, cigarette smoking is at an all-time low. To fill the void once occupied by cigs, the powers that be have blessed us with the JUUL, a sleek e-cig that’s so fun to puff on that you’ll welcome nicotine dependency into your life. When it comes to pairing nicotine with booze, nothing has changed—suffocating on JUUL vapor is infinitely better with a drink in hand. We have combined the two for your pleasure and convenience, as we do.

What You’ll Need: A JUUL. Extra pods. A double shot glass, a regular shot glass, some liquor, and some beer. The mindset of a champion and a thirst for victory. 

Number of Players: Three, because smoking alone is what community college kids do.

Level of Intoxication: The combined buzz of nicotine and liquor is sure to have you buzzing.

How to Play:
-You must drink your designated amount after each round (1st place – half beer. 2nd place – shot. 3rd place – double shot.) The drunker you get, the harder the events will be on your body.

-Event One: Smoke Rings – Blowin’ O’s is surprisingly hard with a JUUL due to the small amount of vapor per pull. Ask your mom to judge if you can’t be objective.

-Event Two: Lung Buster – Whoever can hold smoke in their lungs for the longest takes the round and has extremely healthy lungs, for now.

-Event Three: Long Pull – Longest drag wins and flavor could have a big impact here.

-Tally up your amount of 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishes and crown a victor. In the event of a tie, everyone must take a shot and resolve the competition in a sudden death LONG PULL.

 The Game Ends When: A winner is crowned and someone gets an awful disease from the incredible effects of smoking. Now it’s time for the awards ceremony.


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