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Drinking Game: Red Cross

Disaster relief takes on new meaning with this drinking game. You’ll be a disaster after you play, and will be relieved when the game is over. Here’s our Red Cross drinking game:

Number of Players: 4

What You Need:
5 cups, 1 ping pong or quarter, beer or mixed drinks.

Intoxication Level:
You won’t be able to donate blood for months, what with the booze in your system.

How to Play:
– Place cups in the middle of a table in the shape of a cross.

– Fill the middle cup all the way and the outer cups a little less than half way.

– Each player stands in front of a cup.

– The first person will bounce the ball or quarter off of the table and try to make it in any of the cups.

– If the ball or quarter lands in the outer cups, that person has to drink their cup.

– The cup is then refilled and replaced.

– If it lands in the middle cup, everyone has to finish their drink and play flip cup with their cup.

– The last person to flip their cup during the impromptu flip cup game drinks the middle cup.

The Game Ends When:
You have to go to the emergency room to get those bruised egos looked at.

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