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Drinking Game: A Shot to the Dart

A game of darts is a great game to play at a bar, or your friend’s basement that they recently turned into a mancave for their divorced dad. Darts takes perfect precision and like a lot of things in life, it’s all in the wrist. However, it gets kind of boring just watching your friend totally miss the dartboard in silence. Now there’s finally a way to make a lame bar game into a darts drinking game event not to be missed.

What You’ll Need: 
A dartboard. Six pointy darts. A handle of vodka. Some clean shot glasses and a chalkboard for Cricket.

Number of Players:
2-4 players; enough to make two even teams. Get some friends with okay aim, or it could get dangerous.

Level of Intoxication:
You’re going to think you’re Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games, except you’ll realize you would be the first one to die with your lack of dart and archery skills.

How To Play:
– One player from each team throws a dart. Whoever’s dart gets closer to bullseye goes first. The loser takes a shot.

– The first player up gets three tries to hit the numbers 15-20 or bullseye on the board. Once a dart hits one of these numbers once, make a check on the cricket board with the corresponding number.

– Hitting a number 15-20 or bullseye “closes out” the number and it is no longer in play.

– Once you close out the number, the opposing team must take two shots.

– After a player throws their three darts, the opposing team’s player is now up and throws their three darts.

 The Game Ends When:
The numbers 15-20 along with the bullseye are “closed out.” Or stop immediately if you completely miss the dartboard and a dart goes straight into someone’s eye. You should pause to get an eyepatch, right?

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