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Drinking Game: Spin the Handle

Hookup culture thrives at college campuses across the country. However, if you’re kind of weird, you might get tired of all the unprotected sex and herpes spreading after a while. It all becomes a little stale when you’re already feeling empty inside. Why not go back to your younger days with this little Spin the Bottle drinking game? The best part is that with this version’s alcoholic twist, you can spread some well-earned mono while you’re at it.


What You’ll Need: 
A handle of vodka. Somewhat attractive people. Chapstick to moisten those dry, disgusting lips of yours. A handful of shot glasses.

 Number of Players:
As many people you want to kiss and take shots with. Just make sure you aren’t committed.

Level of Intoxication:
You’re going to try to kiss anything that walks. Your dog, a potted plant– it doesn’t matter.

How To Play:
– Sit in a circle and decide the order in which the players will spin the handle.

– First player spins the bottle hard enough so it goes in at least one complete circle.

– The person the bottle lands on is the lucky (or unlucky) person. Kiss them!

– The kissing couple must also take a shot together in order to forget the kiss.

– Hopefully the couple never dates, because it would ruin the friend group.

– Next person in the circle repeats the steps above.

 The Game Ends When:
You start to fall in love with the person you’re kissing. That’s not the point of this game! You have to repress any feeling of attachment or commitment to the people you’re kissing because you know for sure they won’t like you back, right? No, do not ask the person you kissed if they “felt something.” Remember to end the game once you feel your mono from freshman year coming back.


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