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The E-Juice is Loose: Why I’ll Continue to Vape in Campus Libraries

Several weeks ago, the Undergraduate Library took to Twitter to infringe on our liberties as both adults and students of the university. Specifically, their social media team went completely off script, stating that e-cigarettes of any kind were not allowed in any of the libraries, even going so far as to include a stop hand emoji in their message. This action crossed a red line in the sand, and no government entity should be able to tell us when and where to vape.

For most of my college career, I have been very supportive of our libraries. I’ve remained silent on the quiet floors, cleaned up after myself, and even participated in the weekly hunt to find Uggles the cat. But I will continue vaping in the libraries, and you should too.

First and foremost, this message is a clear marginalization of a large amount of the campus community. While most people who enjoy JUULs on campus have unwittingly become addicted to nicotine in order to fit in with their friends, some of us have switched to the product to stray away from cigarettes.

Indeed, the university became a smoke-free campus a few years prior, so the student body has already been left with very little vices aside from getting rip-roaringly drunk any given night. If students are forced to leave the premises, they’re much more likely to just light up a square anyways, leading me to the conclusion that the UGL has already sold out to pro-tobacco lobbyists.

Let’s not forget the proven fact that e-cigarettes do not hurt anyone. Sure, the science is not out on the impacts that JUULing 1.5 pods a day has on one’s health, but that just goes to show that there is no sort of valid argument against them.

Vapor smoke does not damage buildings or produce repulsive smells – in fact, it does quite the opposite. With flavors such as Cool Mint, Mango, and Fruit Medley, a pleasant aroma will surround anyone in the vicinity of the vapor. What’s next, banning air fresheners? Can you imagine how that’d play out in Grainger?

With finals right around the corner, this message is especially problematic. Being forced to get up every 10 minutes to go outside and vape would have disastrous impacts on one’s studies. Hell, I wouldn’t be able to find the right song on my playlist before I needed another puff.

With the state of disrepair that our nation’s mental, many of us rely on a constant nicotine buzz. You know what’s much less expensive than therapy or antidepressants? A four-pack of JUUL pods. Plus, it’s a hell of a lot more emotionally straining.

In sum, yours and my tuition is paying money for a pro-tobacco, anti-aromatic UGL as it wages a war on mental health. And because we’re paying thousands of dollars a year, we are entitled to do whatever the hell we please in campus buildings. I ask the student body to join me in silent protest, huffing and puffing our outrage at this blatant attack on our rights.

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