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Early Fall Rains Serve as Illinois Engineering Students’ First Shower of Semester

The rainfall campus has been experiencing the past couple of weeks may have had some unexpected positive side effects. For many engineering students, it’s served as the first time they have been rinsed down since arriving on campus.


Among those students was extremely smelly electrical engineering major Aditya Ramal. Ramal tends to spend way too much time hitting the books in Grainger to clean himself.


“Between classes, homework and League of Legends, I don’t always get the chance to shower every semester.” said Ramal. “It’s really convenient when I can get my cleaning in while walking to the ECEB or Grainger.”


The effects haven’t gone unnoticed by College of Engineering faculty either, and the Engineering Quad hasn’t smelled this good since this was just farmland.


“The first day we got rain, the smell shifted into something not unlike the scent of wet dog,” noted aerospace professor Aaron Cuderra, “But the next day, it wasn’t that bad at all! It didn’t feel like I was gasping for fresh air every lecture anymore.”


While many of these engineering students do their laundry, most don’t shower, so the soaking-wet clothes from being caught in the rain offered a welcome respite from an otherwise godawful stench.


“Laundry is easy,” explained computer science sophomore David Maxino,”You can start a load and go back to playing DOTA 2. You can’t play DOTA while you’re in the shower!”


Campus can only hope the weather stays crappy for the sake of all noses.


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