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Embarrassing: High School Basketball Star Got Dunked On In His KIN109 Class

UIUC sophomore and team captain of Panthers Varsity Basketball team of 2016-2017, Nick Johnson, made an absolute idiot out of himself in his KIN109 class when his pre-med classmate threw down a badass dunk on the self-proclaimed brick wall.

“I started getting a really painful flashback from when we lost the regional finals game my junior year,” reminisced Johnson as he stared in the distance, a single tear falling down his cheek.

Johnson, who has 6’4” and a basketball emoji in his Instagram bio, was feeling confident at CRCE in his KIN109 class. He even forgot to bring his iCard, but the customer service girl let him through anyway.

“I really thought I was on top of it all that day, that nothing was gonna bring me down,” he recalled shamefully, wearing his high school jersey that now ruthlessly mocks him. “My head just wasn’t in the game as much as I thought.”

The instructor of the class, a Mr. Nate Jones, was unsurprised and underwhelmed by the seemingly brutal scene.

“Nick carried the basketball team of a high school that had 114 students,” revealed the former P.E. teacher. “He’s being unnecessarily dramatic about the whole thing.”

“If I can’t play basketball, who even am I?” Johnson asked his Steph Curry phone case as he stormed off from the class.

Meanwhile, John Sun, the KIN109 student that dunked on his classmate, is enjoying his newfound talent.

“I’m only pre-med because my dad wants me to be a doctor. But I think my true passion is actually basketball now,” Sun said.

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