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EXPOSED: Sorority Girl’s Study Abroad Pics Just From Paris Super Crepes

This past Monday, Paris Super Crepes became embroiled in a sorority house scandal when Kappa Kappa member, Lauren McCarthy was spotted by her sorority sister Lilly Clemens at the Champaign shop. McCarthy had claimed to be studying abroad in Europe this semester.

“I couldn’t believe it, I was like, so shook,” recalled Clemens. “Like, why would you lie about studying abroad and spend your time taking and posting pictures of all these elaborate crepes at Paris Super Crepes? I honestly really thought she was in Paris! Well, I actually didn’t notice she was gone until a couple days ago—our house is just FULL of girls who are carbon copies of each other.”

McCarthy who was caught red-handed later volunteered her side of the story to explain why she was spending way too much time at Paris Super Crepes. 

“Okay, so going abroad is SO expensive. Everything’s so many Euros!” explained McCarthy. “Going to the Eiffel Tower just so I could throw around my Kappa Kappa sign was tempting since all my sisters were doing it, but I decided to be financially conscious. I didn’t mean to lie, I just wanted to save money for blow while humblebragging on my Insta stories.”

Kappa Kappa’s president announced that McCarthy will not be dropped from the house, but instead sentenced her to a minimum of 72 hours of passive aggression from all girls in the house.

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